Libro is behind The Prosperity Project. But you’re leading it…

Back in mid-2014, the staff, leadership and representatives of the 95,000 customer-owners who bank at Libro created a new Vision for the credit union. Without getting into all the details, we came to a clear understanding of why everyone at Libro gets up in the morning – of why we exist as an organization. It’s this simple; Libro exists to build prosperity in southwestern Ontario. Your personal or economic prosperity is our goal.

As a result, we decided to change how we share our profits with community projects by creating the Libro Prosperity Fund. We also established the funding required to engage southwestern Ontario in a different conversation about the future – the first step in The Prosperity Project.

So in reality, Libro may have started things rolling, but it’s up to you to lead it, and together, shape a brighter future for everyone here. There’s nothing to buy, and no connection to Libro banking, mortgages and investments. The success of The Prosperity Project is all about you. And what we can do when we work toward prosperity in southwestern Ontario together.

If you want to learn more about Libro Credit Union, check us out (we look forward to meeting you).